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I just returned from my week vacation in OC and a few nights hitting the surf for some sharking. I just wanted to say THANKS a whole lot for all the info you guys gave me. Im proud to say that my brother and I were able to catch a nice 6' sand tiger using all the advice and gear that you guys recommended. Unfortunately after fighting him for about 40 minutes, the tiger broke the line:BangHead: right in the shore as we were trying to grab his tail(not an easy task for a first timer). I was unable to get any pictures but I will get some next summer because I WILL be there, doing it again! Hopefully ill get down again this summer and maybe this fall for some stripers.

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Hooked ya, eh? :D

That's alright, you got to feel the fight and got her in the surf zone, that's close enough to a catch and release (C&R).

Congrats, and glad you enjoyed!!

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