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Had Fins Bob, Boston Pete,Jim River Rat, PP&J John and Tom aboard For a marathon FluKing event(5 man Crew)... Just Like Both their Trips last year, plenty of big fluke for da coolers...

Headed out to a stiff NNe breeze and to be honest was a little worried about fluking and our drifting condition today...

Got to the grounds set up our first drift... Very Fast 1.5-1.8 but we did get a few bites and some shorts... As we made a couple more drifts the ocean and drift died Down...

We starting picking patches of fish Keepers and shorts... After each patch would dry up... we would have to look for some More.... Picked and Plucked at some quality keepers, shorts and seabass...

Bounced around and would get some nice flurries of keepers as well as having our times with no bites and lack of action....

The guys worked Hard and Bounced Jigs (all kinds) all day... The keepers began to add up nicely... Like last year Jim River rat was the first to his limit but the others werent far behind and Johny Boy Was hook with the Johny Jig staight from the workshop Petey had the Big Fish somewhere around 6lbs.Tom had the big humpback Seabass!!!

Fished a Long day and Everyone fished hard...By the Days end the Boys Boxed up a 5 Man Limit of Fluke and 13 seabass... No giants but the first two rows in the picture are all nice keepers 3-6lbs over 20 in.

As always Pleasure Have the BBS and Friends on board!!! Good Times!!!

Thanks again guys

Nice roll 3 trips with a big fish on now some limits!!! Hopefully aug will give up the good bite





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