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I need some help. I am new to Surf fishing and REALLY want to try shark fishin. I drive to OC and am not yaking baits out. Im just going to wade out as far as i can and cast my bait out. But have some guestions. 1. What are some good rod and reels that are realativley cheap and perferably in 2 peices (i travel to OC). 2. What # test line and braided or mono. 3. What # leader to use. 4. How heavy of a sinker to use. What # wire leader to use. 5. What size hooks to use. (I no to use circle hooks). 6. What kind of bait to use. ( I am taking a smaller rod down for bluefish, kingfish, and flounder so can i use them for bait?) Or go to Oyster Bay Tackle to get some.

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For a sharking rod from shore I would start off with either a tica or ocean master rod in the 12 to 13 ft range.

For the reel I would be looking at a shimano baitrunner 6500. This is assuming you want a spinning rod.

For line I would put a couple hundred yards of 50lb braid on the reel and then top off with about 150 yards of 25lb mono. You don't want any of your braid in the water after you cast.

The other option is to just fill the reel up with 100lb braid.

As for a leader, want a couple feet of really thick mono(i use weedeater line) tipped with some braided steel leader thats rated over 200lbs. Since you are casting you are going to have to keep that leader shorter than your drop when you cast.

You also need a mono shock leader on the end of your running line when casting. Make sure you have enough on so when you go to cast you still have a couple wraps around your spool.

The amount of weight you need depends on current,wind,line you are using,size of bait. You just need to experiment based on your conditions, anywhere from 4oz to 20oz (or maybe even more) might be needed. Usually 6oz or 8oz will do.

Any big circle hook will do, size the hook to the size of your bait.

speaking of bait, blues, kings and croaker make good bait. You can buy bunker to start with until you can catch some fresh. Kingfish is my personal favorite for sharks!

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