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Im new to this site and want to get in to surf fishing i usually come down in the summer in the fall. I like to catch anything that pulls my line. I live in pa so I fish for bass and trout alot. I really want to get away from catching smaller fish since i catch them all the time. So i want to try shark fishing and striper and bluefishing in the fall. Any tips you have from what rod and reel to buy to bait and sinkers and anything in between will be much appriciated. For shark fishing Im just going to wade as far out as i can and throw out my line. Im not going to yak it out or swim it out. I will be looking forward to posting alot of stuff on this site and learning alot. I hope to be answering other ppl's questions soon. O ya if any of you know a good place to catch stripers in OC in the summer it will be greatly appreciated. I don't care if the stripers are keepers or not just to put up a fight.:clock:

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Welcome to the site!!!

Post some specific questions in the general fishing thread and I am sure you will get good answers. Right now I feel I can write a book answer the questions you have above.

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