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Had Smokey Joe charter the boat out For his Son Tuckers Birthday(which he shares with me ) along with Chris, Chris #2, John and Jigamafish Joe...

Headed Out for a nice day of Fluking... In the rough stuff...

First couple of drifts we had decent action... few Keepers along with shorts...

Kept workin a patch and we caught some shorts a few keepers... and dropped way to many good fish...

Then Joes rod double over and to the Net His Doormat and personal best at 10lbs 2oz(right around 30 inches) and he was also high hook with 5 keepers. Congrats Joe you deserve it!!!!!

After having the 9lb 14 oz the other day which although was a great fish was heart breaker just missing 10lbs.. It was nice for the double digit...

We picked a dozen keepers and had decent action and like a switch with the south wind the bite completely died and the drift got so fast it became unfishable with an 8 oz bucktail...

We headed inshore to 25 - 40 feet and it was mostly shorts witha couple more keepers but the fast drift was Rough on the tackle...

Anchored on a piece of bottom on the way and added some seabass to the catch...

Smokey Joe brought tons of Food and we laughed all day. Thanks for the fun day... ps way to hang in there Chris!!!

Happy Birthday Tucker... 1 more year

By days end We boxed 14 keeper Fluke to 10 lbs and 15 Seabass... Most of the fluke were Nice size keepers over 20in We had 2 other between 4-5lbs... That makes three trips in a row with fish over 8lbs def making up for #s in quality...

Back at Tomorrow

Thanks again Guys!!





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