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As Captain Steven often says night time is the right time. Now with mid afternoons sweltering heat night fishing is a great option to play it cool. The last several weeks we have been on a large trout bite. Several of my go to snook docks have transformed into trout hot spots. Glass minnows have invaded these docks which is the only reason I can think of for the change. White baits work great as do soft plastic jerk baits.

Early morning Snook action has been consistent as long as the water is moving. The St. Petersburg residential canals are loaded with docks with underwater lights. These lights attract baitfish the rest is easy to figure out. Fly lining white baits or pinfish are my baits of choice. Remember dock fishing is combat fishing so be ready to get treated poorly by these smart snook. Fluorocarbon leaders of at least 30 pounds are a must as is setting the drag tight.

Sunday night was another fun night. The bite was good and we never had to wait long between strikes. The second stop we hooked a true pig, the explosive hit was amazing. Water flew everywhere as the linesider jumped several times within feet of the boat. Even with the drag tight the snook pulled drag and could not be stopped from running back into the dock. Snook 1 angler 0! It doesn’t get any better for exciting action.

Trout to 22” along with a handful of fat snapper rounded out the evening. The night air while running back to O’Neill’s Marina felt great and as always the night lights make the area look like a new world.

Sunglass tip. Microfiber cloths are a must to keep sunglass lens clean. This Capt. learned the hard way by scratching the lens on a very expensive pair of RX sunglass by using paper towels, napkins, t shirts for wiping the lens. They work great and are a lot more inexpensive than a new pair of sunglasses.

We are running another night trip Wednesday, stay tuned for details.

Capt. Steven

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