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Sanibel Fishing

August is just around the corner and I’m glad!

July was Hot and sticky, and the fishing was slow.

Normal weather patterns are starting to settle in.

Rain and lower temperatures will soon be here with the coming of fall and football. I like the Miami Dolphins , but don’t get much time to see them play, because of my outdoor life. I’ll be hunting or fishing.

This year I’m going to do a hunting report also, since most of my clients do both!! They like the way I tell stories.

Fishing the next 2 months I will be looking for snook, redfish and trout.

The ladyfish schools are here, and they make great bait.

2 days ago I was out and only had to wait a few minutes to get picked up by Sharks. We caught 6 sharks. Bull and Black tip.

I do have a some time to tell a story!

This last May while fishing for Tarpon, I had a client and his wife, I think Richard and Marie where their names. While drifting the pass with crabs, Richard gets hooked up with his 1<SUP>st</SUP> Poon. It was a big fish around 150 to 175 lbs. Like most of the fish in the pass this giant jumps 2 or 3 times and starts running for the gulf. As always there is chaos and screaming and yelling. Richard gets good control of the fish and we had flat water that evening, so the battle takes us offshore a few miles. An hour goes by and the tarpon is coming near the boat and makes a run for the prop to find a break off point. Ha! No such luck! I’ve played this game before. I lift the motor and take the rod from Richard to dip the rod under the boat and hand it back. Well the Tarpon decides to make a go of it again, this time Richard says he can do it. He runs down the side of the boat dips the rod and slips right into the water!! As he’s falling I scream “don’t let go of the rod“!!!

Now he’s being dragged under by the fish and looking for something to grab by the engine. I yell, “hold up your hand” and he does it perfectly. I grab his wrist and as I’m pulling him up he hands me the rod with the fish still on and says “I can climb in just keep that fish”. Richard climbs in, I hand him back the rod with Tarpon attached. He looks at me with a big smile and say’s “Wow I’m not going to forget that”! I start laughing and his wife says

“Shit, I had the video camera in my hand the whole time and didn’t turn it on“! Richard landed his Tarpon and got pictures. Captain Greg Hood

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