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Well guys, going to be at the isle of palms next week. I plan on doing some surf fishing during my stay. Are there any hot spots around the island? What would be a good rig to use? Is there a better time of day to fish? thanks!!

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Anywhere you can get to the beach would be good.

If you can get to the Wild Dunes on the inlet that would be even better.

That place is like Hilton Head, hard to find a place to fish.

You can expect Blues, Pomp, Whiting, Shark and some other stuff.

Your best bet may be to go the south end of the island on Jasper Blvd.

On the east side of the road and the bridge, there is a parking lot with a walkway to the inlet. Not much area to fish though, it's mostly private property.

If you will be boating, all kinds of water on the back side that holds Reds, Trout, Shark, and other stuff.

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I guess I should have updated this about 5 months ago. Well I caught a few small fish, nothing to write home about. Every thing I caught was on my smaller rod. I was using it to catch bait. I was hopping to catch a nice 6’ shark or something, but I had fun with my toes in the sand fishing in the surf. I did catch a small shark on my bait rod, ill try to post a pic of it. I cant wait to go back and try again this summer.

i cant get the picture to post. o well

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