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By Capt. Bob Smith

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First light Sea trout on DOA artificial shrimp! <st1:PersonName w:st="on">Scott Gifford</st1:PersonName> and his son tied into trout on the Middle Ground grass-flats first thing in the morning. Scott’s fish was 22”. The bay flats and bridges have been producing some nice fish but you may need to cover some ground to find them. Spotted sea trout, bluefish, Gray snapper, flounder and pompano are just some of the fish coming in. Large schools of jacks, ladyfish, and bluefish may start the water boiling at any time. The fish keep moving so you need to keep moving. I find most of my fish along the edge of the deep grass and repeat my drift until they move off. The 3” DOA shrimp are working best for me while holding the pinfish at bay. Pinfish are good for the bay but not good for your live bait.

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During the summer, first and last light are best for fishing and night is better than day. None of this is carved in stone and the fish could bite at any time. I am just talking about the probability. I like to start just before daybreak and quit by 10:30am. At night, I like to fish starting just before dusk, an hour before, and an hour after the tide change. This all looks good on paper, but the truth is that those of us who have been bitten by the fishing bug will spend all our free time fishing regardless of what the fish are doing.

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Enjoy & Protect

My Website: http//www.sarasota-fla-fishing.com

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