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Chris Flatt aka Fluken Around Had the Boat chartered today for marathon day of fluking, along with friends Dennis, Padriac, Jeremiah, Dennis and Carl.

Was worried as soon as we left the inlet i seen a Lazy Southern Swell...

Headed back to the fluken grounds that have been given some bigger size fish.

Started Out with Nice drift but not many bites... Found a little patch of life but ya could only pick 1 keeper a pass along with some seabass n shorts That didnt last very long...

Seemed like you couldnt Redrift anything and Get bites again and the Fluke were Picky... Had to keep searching hard for a few hungry ones...

So we bounced Between rock piles picking a keeper here, one there... along with a few keeper seabass and loads of pesky short seabass...

We didnt have tons of bites but the fish were quality when ya did get one...

When the tide changed the bit died ...later in the day wind picked up and we tried a few rough spots inshore But we only had 1 keeper and a few more shorts from that

The Guys worked hard all day at the rail bouncing bucktails and using every type of bait that exists..

We fished a long day and guys grinded out 17 Nice keeper Fluke for the Box and 13 keeper seabass... We Chummed in the Top fished at 7lbs 11oz and a couple other in the 5lb class...

Great Bunch of Guys today who really love there Fluking...

Thanks again Guys!!!


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