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Just a few more questions before I leave for OC for my vacation/shark fishing....

First, I was wondering what the drag should be set at and how you can make sure it is set correctly.

Secondly, what ideas do you have for making homemade weights? It seems simpler to just make or find your own.

Finally, I just wanted to gather any tips you might have for kayaking your bait out. Im pretty sure my brother and I can handle it, but I could use anything anyone is willing to share.

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In short, search through the forums, there is a lot of info here.

The longer answer:

You can use 10 oz pyramids if you don't have time to make your own. We know they work. :D

If you make your own, get an old plastic salad bown and pour in mortar, use a piece of a coat hangar to make claws that stick out. Take a piece of hangar and make a Delta form, kind'a like an upside down V with the ends out 70 degrees, loop a barrel swivel on so you can attach the weight to a line. You can use a rubber band or light line to break it off instead of winding it in. Make a bunch of them....

The drag should be light and the clicker on. After the hit, let it run a little to position the Circle hook in it's jaw. Tighter the drag and wind it in. You won't need to set a circle hook, but it doesn't hurt.

Practice kayaking through the surf WITHOUT a line. Big waves usually hit between every 7-11 waves on a set. Learn to time them.

Above all, and I mean this,,,,


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