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I am doing some research for Diane Chamberlain, a North Carolina author. She needs to know if the below paragraph would be accurate regarding fishing in Cape Fear River streams. If anyone can help us, we would really appreciate it. Can she get by with this paragraph? Is it basically correct? What would you change, if anything?

"Well," Tully said as he added some wood to the smoker, "depends on the season and where you're fishing. If I had my boat, I could get to the river and I could get us some bigger fish. But there's plenty of good fishin' here. Catfish, shad, striped bass. Herring, though Simmee don't like it." He smiled to himself. "She ain't fussy about much, but herring ain't her cup of tea. The black crappie you can get fishin' off the bank. They're dumb as twigs. They'll latch onto your hook even if you ain't got nothin' on it."

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