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Had an open boat trip today... Brian Taylor and his father, Ralphy Bob Bates and Bruce

Day started out flat calm... Light east wind... Headed to the fluking grounds.

When we arrived we starting getting some bites Mostly on bucktails/ teasers... Not a load of action But the size was good. Bob Bates had 5 Keepers before we Blinked an eye, but getting #6 would prove to be impossible ...

The drift Just got faster and faster making bucktailing tough. Switched over to bait rigs and Brian Boxed a couple of keepers and Ralphy got nice one with the famous Pink squid .

At 11 am the wind Turned from the east, combined with the se swell we the ocean turned into a washing machine. our drift was now over 2 knts

Headed inshore for 2 drifts but the wind just got worse and the skies opened up... Decide to head in as it wasnt gonna get any nicer... Inlet was a real mess with the out going water.

Made a couple drifts in the river to see if Bob could get #6 or if we could box any more but we only got a couple shorts...

Even with the tough conditions today the guys worked hard. We were able to box 12 keeper Fluke before the day was Done with 2 fish Going over 5lbs and 1/2 were Big enough ya didnt have to measure...

Bunch of laughs and New oneliners ... Brian thanks for the present!!!

Thanks Guys




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