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So last week my friend Danny (Hooked_up) and I were fishing for Largemouth from the bank. The only thing that day we caught were a few big stick fish. But when Danny got his hooked caught on a low branch I asked the neighbor if we could use her boat to retrieve it. She said yah but I do not know if it floats. It had three holes in the back. I repaired them last weekend with c-foam, silicone, and JB Weld. Last night we fished out of it for the first time. I hooked up on two nice largemouth. The first was pushing 3 lbs, and the second was 4.2 lbs. Here are two pics of the 4.2 pounder. I caught him around 730 pm with a orange/black/white torpedo lure.



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Boat fish certainly do count! :P

You should have heard this man screaming when it hooked on, haha. It definitely looks bigger than a 4-pounder. Supposedly there is a 10-pounder in this same pond. We'll get it!

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