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The Kingfisher was on the water every day last week except for Sat. (weather cancel). On Monday the Mataeo group was treated to topwater action on the Watch Hill reefs. Fish were in the 26 to 32" range. We had consistent action until the tide died. We then finished the day diamond jigging bass and blues in the race. A total of 5 bass were kept.

On Tuesday Norman Joy , came up from Alabama on vacation, and treated himself to a solo trip that was non-stop catching! We started by catching some hickory shad and quickly turning them into 3 large stripers 36"-40". We then went to the race and hooked bass and blues on just about every drift. Norman's endurance was put to the test.

On Wednesday Sean and Don were hoping for a repeat of past trips that included both men landing 50lbr's. Well, the shad eluded them. After several baits were lost after hook ups, the baitwell remained empty. We traveled to the race to find the action on Tue. had significantly diminished. We decide to give cathing bait another try, but that was to no avail.

Wednesday evening I took a couple friends to the Watch Hill reefs to pop some plastics on the surface. The action was good with fish in the 32" range busting the baits with many spectacular hits. We caught 7 fish in an hour and a half keeping 1 for the table.

On Thursday Matt (our Mate ) treated his family and friends to a trip. Again the shad eluded us, so we went to the reefs to find very good topwater action with fish in the 26"-34" range. We totaled 7 keepers with numerpous throwbacks.

We finished at misquamicut with a 22" fluke amid slow action.

The afternoon fluke trip with Bill Wilk found difficult wind vs. tide conditions that produced a number of shorts with no keepers.

Friday Tom Morgan and Jay Troiano's group were able to get enough shad and quickly catch 4 big bass ranging from 37"-42". We also caught another half dozen bass on top at Watch Hill.

On Sunday the shad were more active and the fishing was even better. Booby T. and his friend were treated to a big bass bonanza! Fish to 45lbs. were caught and released. Fish were caught on evey drift for the 1st hour and a half until the tide began to slow. We kept 3 of the smaller bass 34"-37". Also , a fish that had to be over 50lbs was lost during a fight that saw the bass take line off the reel like I haven't seen in awhile. The fishing at Watch Hill was non existent, so we caught fluke (mostly shorts) and a 21" keeper.

Overall, the lower than normal water temps. have affected the bait catching. The whole fishery seems to be a least two weeks behind schedule. This means the big bass run should develop this week and possibly run well into August. If I am correct, the best fishing of the year is about to begin.

MONDAY - continued the recent hot action on very big stripers in our area of the sound. Josh Elmore, long time customers came out monday morning for some live bait striper action. To say the least, they were not disappointed. The bait cooperated and we got all we wanted. Then proceded to catch stripers in the 30 to 40 pound range on every drift. Josh scored big with a 50 1/2 inch 54 pound cow. The biggest fish he has ever gotten or ever seen for that matter. It has started folks, come out and get in on the action.


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