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Capt Wayne was at the helm sat and sun.... Just got the full run down reports and pics...

Sat: 7/18 Don had all the Iff boys along with coolhand Al aboard...Ran to the fluking grounds and had a lot more shorts then we been seeing. They bounced around picking a few keepers But it was on the slow side but they put a few Good Fish in the box... When the action slowed Up they anchored up and drifted overa rock pile... Had a 2 dozen keeper Bottomfish including a nice blackfish, seabass, and Ling ... Guys worked hard to put some keepers in the box!!!

They wound Up with 7 keeper fluke, seabass,a blackfish , Ling and a purple hake. Slow Day For Our Monger standards But a good time and some meat nonelthe less Since Don arranged the charter of course He wore the wig ... Thanks Guys

Sun: 7/19 Wayne sailed with a 4 man crew.... Alex aka Mvp, Ryan scubanut, Michelle and Kevin... The day started out with a good bite, but again heavy on the shorts... but they were Putting a few good fish in the box... picked and pluked keepers n shorts... In the afternoon the bite sloed up but still enough bites to keep it interesting with a few more keepers.

They Boxed up 18 keeper Fluke, 5 seabass and a stray ling by days end Congrats to Alex Mvp who had the Hothand landing 8 keepers keeping his LIMIT!!! And again the women do it a s good as the men with Michelle showing up Ryan in the keeper category

Great weather with Great People Thank Guys!!!




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