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I've been thinking about this for awhile....

My yak is 11'6" and a fairly wide and stout nose.

When a breaker comes along it picks me up and throws me all the way back to West OC.

Watching the video from the Texas sharkers where the guy takes the wave and plows through and doesn't even lose his hat.

(By the way, super cool video, link is in the Extreme forum.)

I'm thinking that I need a yak with a more pointed nose to poke through the breaker.

A shorter one might be bettter for quick turns and basic agility.

I'm thinking maybe an 8 footer or less with a pointed nose.

Thoughts and ideas?

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I think the yak of choice and I'll check out the video is a OK Scrambler which is about the same as your yak. I think there is a trade off between length and ability to cut through the waves. My T160 is 16' and cuts right through and I get a good washing of the deck but I can't turn it quickly for the life of me. But don't really need to because it can slice the waves. I'd venture to say I'd never get dumped head over heels by an oncoming wave, it's just the way the floatation and weight is distrubuted. On a shorter yak you will almost always have to recover from a wave in a big way, that's why they make the surfing yaks so short, they are way earier for the wave to pick up. I like the fun factor of a smaller one but I also do "big" water trips and like to work outside the bars trolling so I needed a cruiser type yak and I thought I could compromise the two goals of surf launching and trolling with the scrambler (at least that's what the reviews said). I scored a used t160 and wouldn't trade it for the world right now but I also wouldn't surf big waves with it either.

I do have to say with the cost of these things I'd go for the one you can do the most with, if it's just surf launches then keep what you have and live with it unless you are in danger by using it. If you are consistently getting dumped then it may be the yak and not the situations you are in...not being able to turn etc. I've never gotten dumped unintentionally and can use the forward and rear hatches fully in 3-4 ft seas crawling over the yak, maybe it's the boat and the way you sit in the water. I sit pretty low due to my weight and the length of the yak, in a shorter yak I'd sit much higher. Just from my experience using a seat cushion for 30 secs I'd sit as low as possible, you're getting wet either way.

The short answer is: I think the shorter you go the more you will get knocked back, think about diving through a wave vs trying to go over it. Also look at your paddle technique, the more verticle you get the blades the more power you have and the straighter you will travel.

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Steve, I'm new to yaking but after reading everything I could find about yaks it seems for running baits short is better,I'll find out soon. I picked up an Emotion Charger yak at Cabelas in Hamburg, Pa. It's 9' 3" 31.5" wide and the weight is 39 pounds. The web site list the price at $429.00 but last month at the store after applying for a cabelas visa card, you get a 15% discount when you do, the yak cost me around $300.00.

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