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Back under the stars for Captains Steven’s favorite brand “snook” was the plan last night. A small change in gear was on tap as I upped the fluorocarbon leader from 30 to 40 pounds as I have had my share of cutoffs lately. For many of my clients this is their first rodeo with snook at night and have not had the practice of getting snook out of bridge and dock pilings. You have often heard me refer to this a combat fishing at its best!

I have seen firsthand big strong anglers get treated poorly by big snook. With drags cranked tight the pull of a large angry snook is just awesome. With water spraying everywhere, huge red gills flared its a visual a blast.

Pinfish have become my number one bait surpassing white baits the last month but both work well. Last night as I often do I started on an old dock on a point that always has good water flow regardless of tide. As often happens first bait in gets nailed quickly only this time it was 2 quick hook ups. Real good news both snook ran out, not so good news one went right the other left and oh what a mess we had. Everyone stayed cool and we landed both fish. I carry at least 6 rods so I quickly got my anglers back in the water while I attempted to undo the tangled mess left from the first casts. While attempting to replace hooks we hooked up again. Snook to 25” were eager to chew. The action stayed steady for over an hour then shut down. An hour is a long time to take fish after fish in one hole.

Next stop was a dock I that was loaded with snook as it often is and this time they were ready to play. Hard strikes were common the next few hours. Overall a very good evening. The heavier leader was never put to the test as the big slobs never showed up or shied away from the thicker fluorocarbon. We also took a nice jack, several trout and giant pinfish.

The key this week is finding the cleaner water and the passes leading to the gulf does a great job of flushing the sentiment out. The lush grass flats in lower Tampa Bay are great filters.

Capt. Steven

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