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Had a full open boat bottomfishing trip today... Nate with freinds Earl and Selena from Corning <acronym title="New York">Ny</acronym> along with Tom Chris and John.

Headed Out to a few local Drops... Didnt really have much conditions... But the seabass were Hungry... Power drifted and Started Picking up keepers along with lots of shorts along with a keeper fluke... Headed to another drift more of the same some nice keepers n shorts...

Then we Got that current from the south everyone has been talking about for the last few days... The seabass bite seemed To slow up...

1 stop at the reef was Ng... so we headed of to deeper water... First Deeper Drop was slow But we Picked Up some more seabass and ling...

Next drop 110 ft to see if some ling were home... Got set up and everyone had bites only problem was the were Out of Season Big Winter Flounder!!! We managed To catch around 20 Winter Flounder (ALL RELEASED) From 1.5 to 3.5 lbs. We also added a bunch more ling and some eels to the box...

Headed back inshore and enjoyed a good pic of seabass for the rest of the day... Weeding thru Shorts and boxing some more keepers as well as another keeper fluke...

By Days End Over 100 Keeper Bottomfish in the Box!!! 71 seabass, 28 Ling, 2 Keeper Fluke, Silver and Conga eels and released around 20 Big Flounder. Nice Mixed bag and Good Dinner!!!

Great Group today, we laughed all day and learned some new phrases

Thanks Guys





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