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Had a Open Boat Byob Bucktail Marathon Today... Bob Bates, Coolhand Al, Rich n Patty, Keith, and Smokey Joe Tom...

Headed back to where we have been seeing better size fish and Keepers....

Had a nice North wind so thought it would be great conditions... NOT... had a current from the s se against the wind leaving us sliding at .2

We bounced around between rock pile for a slow pick of fluke All day... A keeper here a keeper there with few shorts mixed in but not that many... Had a couple of flurries but when ya went back you couldnt repeat it... Frustrating but we kept plugging away.

South wind came on a little but since it was now with the current the drift became very fast for a while... When it slowed down we boxed a few more...

We all thought Keith Had a doormat but it turned out to be a Nice BIG 23 LB MONKFISH...

By the end of the Long Day we managed putting 19 Keeper fluke in the box 2 seabass and a Monkfish...

Tough bite But everyone worked hard at it to put some fish in the Boat... Rich and Keith were da pullers with 4 or 5 keepers a piece,Smokey did well considering he only fished 2 hours and Thank you Pat for keeping the boys stomachs full with her great food. Fun Crew!!!

Got room This Thurs All Day Open Boat Fluke... Give a buzz to get out.

Thanks Guys





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