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Hit Dam Neck with some old bloodworms and a few eels.

Tossed out the bottom rig with bloodworms and as soon as it hit the muddy water, BAM, Spot on! Quickly landed 6-8 medium spot and then set out the heavers, one with spot head, other with eel.

A few hours went by with not much to show, then my eel rod bounced hard. I left it and about 1 minute later wham..zzzzzzzzzzz. Fish on and taking me south down the beach. As I get it in the first wave, I see it's a shark, but one problem...My other rod with a spot head is going off and heading east. I ask a guy going up the beach to get it and he does, so now he is hooked up as well.

Beach my fiesty sandbar shark and put my rod up while he now has his sandbar shark in the suds, but he forgot about the drag (too tight) and she came unbuttoned.

Put another head back out and it was not in the water long before zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, here we go again! After a few minutes, another fiesty sandbar on the beach.

After that, not much, but did see some massive bait go through and a guy next to me said he saw a decent size shark tearing at them in the wave.

Water was cold and muddy at first, but progressed to getting clearer and good by the end of the day, too bad the tide was falling out hard. Bait was still there when I left.

I'll take it, some nice pullage again for a change!

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How far is that from the inlet I fished?

Easy sand access?

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