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Had David Back again along with Friends... Headed to the fluking grounds...

Started out slow Picking a couple of keepers...and some shorties... Drift was slow starting but my that would change!

When the drift picked up a little with started picking a keeper hear and there along with shorts... Cont to bounce around short drifts picking a few and some small seabass witha few keepers.

Then the south wind really started cranking putting a end to the little bite we had. Wind and drift really started cranking so we headed for the Barn.

Mangaged to Box 13 keeper Fluke(with 2 Over 6lbs) and a few keeper seabass... Thats 29 keepers for Davids first 2 fluke trips with us so Far... and it will only be getting better.

As always David and crew fish hard all day, great having them on board.

Thanks for the present David, Just what i needed



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