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Any tips on chumming the love point grounds? All help is appreciated!

Any reports from these areas? (love point, swan point, 6,7,9 knolls, pooles)


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I've been chumming the Love Point/Rock Hall area for close to 10 years now. I will start chummin' the week after the keeper season (because I'm fishing the Susquey) and I will usually do that until I start running into the crabs up on the Elk (where my place is) in late July. But I have heard of charter captains catching the stripers and bluefish well into August and Septembr. Firstly, the tide is EVERYTHING when fishing this area (from what I've found). I usually try to start about an hour before the dead high tide, and fish the outgoing hard. Unfortunately, tides change quickly throughout the months, but within the past few years, the early morning and late evening has been good for me, but never be afraid to stick it out. With that being said, also be conscious about moving, it doesn't hurt to, and it's a lot of water, so there's fish all over the place. Obviously for bait, take advantage of the bunker; it's the stinkiest, smelliest, most disgustingly stenching fish in the Atlantic, but all that oil and nutrients attracts the rockfish (who are trying to build up fats for their run back out the bay and into the drink), and is a damn good bait for any fish at that matter. You can also take squid and try at the mouth of or in the Chester River for croakers or perch. If you're not catching fish, it isn't a dumb idea to follow the charters... they're out there everyday and know what the deal is. Hope this was helpful and good luck.

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