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Sailed an Open Boat Trip today... Only had 3 anglers they all booked way ahead of time and are Good Customers and friends... So Off We went with Ralphy Ryan and Will...

Very Tough Day For us today... First the forecast... Yesterday ne 5-10, Last Night 10 -15 and Today Gust to 20...

We headed out in a stiff breeze... Got to Spring lake and was contemplating turning around, river fishing or going for seabass... But we talked it over and headed on...

Ocean settled Down Nice, But the drift did not. We were Flying all day 1.5-2knts... Tried moving inshore and shallow but it was ng and we didnt even have alot of short

We only were able to troll 5 Keeper Fluke with the biggest at 6lbs 2 oz,1/2 Dozen keeper seabass, Stray ling and cocktail blue...

Tough Day for us... Better daysa coming

Thanks Guys


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