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First, I want to thank Dixie for the excellent recommendation for where to kayak/fish and tips for catching!

Beautiful place!!!!

Tuesday low to incoming tide.

Water was very warm!

Went back to the bulkhead with Mud Minnows, no takers.

Rigged up with 4" Chartruse Gulp Alive on a red 3/8 oz jig and the Flounder tore it up. I couldn't get any hook ups so I switched to a 1/4 oz with a 2/0 hook jig. They tore that up too. As soon as I got them to the yak, they came off. Nothing big, maybe 12-14". No Pups found.

Worked around the islands with Gulp and Minnows, no takers.

Went to the first sandbar inside the bridge and started wading. There is a channel between the bar (just outside the launch canal) and the first grass island. Tossed the Gulp in there and got 4-5 hits every cast. Could not hook up, thinking it was small Trout.

Standing in 8" of water on the bar, I saw one of the most beautiful sunsets. Really cool place.

The young guy running the bait shop in the parking lot was very helpful and had everything I needed. I recommend stopping there for minnows if you don't have a cast net. If you have a net, bait is everywhere!

Ate at Lynnhaven Fish House, not a good experience.

My Dolphin was bone-dry, steak fries and Scallops WAY undercooked. The Manager took the Dolphin back and apologized. The next batch he sent out was bone-dry too. I didn't bother eating it, they still charged me for it and I was tired of dealing with them.

Overpriced and poor quality food.

I did manage to find an EXCELLENT place for breakfast though.

It's called Sandfiddler Cafe, located in a semi-defunct shopping center at 9561 Shore Drive. I highly recommend that place!

Oh, the Best Western advertise they have a full breakfast, they don't. They have a small continental but ran out of food. Sheesh.... But the room was fine, with a view of the water. They knocked $20 off my bill so I could go buy breakfast.

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Glad ya found some small flatties, I bet that was what was picking ya ta death back in there. Come back in Sept as it is LOADED with mullet and pups.

I guess Lynnhaven Fishhouse is going down hill now....try Croakers or CHIX Beach cafe next time just around the corner.

So what about the boat??

P.S. Your welcome to crash here anytime!

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Cool, I'll hav'ta come down in Sep....

What about this summer, any good fishin' to be had back in there?

Thanks for the crash pad invite, may take you up on it.

Yep, next time Croakers or Chix.

I was too tired to hit Chix after dinner.

Took some brew up to the room, opened one, and it was sitting there untouched when I woke up. Yeah, too tired to drink, LOL!!!

Yeah, the boat.....

Well, in spite of the negatives, I fell in love with the Coastal 270.

Twin 225s, loaded with everything you could ask for except an air conditioner.

Problem would be towing to FL and SC on the drop of a dime.

I would need to get an over sized permit for each state I go through.

It's almost 10' wide, inc engines about 30' long, and close to 10,000 lbs.

I know my truck can pull it, not a problem.

It might be easier to just go by water to wherever, cruises at 34 kts and tops at 53 kts.

I'll have to look at charts and figure distances, road versus waterway.

And, especially, marina fuel prices (holds 188 gallons).

Might just keep this one in the water (not tow anywhere), and get a skiff to drag on the roadways.

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Summer is good back there, but can be water, wind bait dependant at times. Usually really early or at dusk is best. Dogs days of summer don't bode too well there in the heat.

Fall is just the best with all the pups and specks!

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Yeah, s'pose I'll wait for fall....

But I got to come back down again soon if I test drive this boat.

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