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The time has arrived! Over the past year and a half I have said the time wil come that YOUR voice is NEEDED!

Well it is now time. The park service has public forum meetings scheduled as follows:

Sept. 21 4-7pm Wor-Wic College

Sept. 22 4-7pm Coastal Center (behind Assateague Visitor Center)

Sept. 23 4-7pm Chincoteague Community Center

Please show up to more than 1 meeting if at all possible.

Speak up now! The future of AINS WILL be defined by this plan. Let's stand together and be heard Loud & Clear.

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Just want to bring this back to the top of the discussion forums so people don't forget to get out the meetings - and if you can't make the meetings start writing letters - we don't want to lose our beach access!

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