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John gave us a call and wanted to put together a last Min Bottom trip with His Girlfriend Keri and Little cousins Robbie (9 Years Old) and Kate ( 13 yr old) up from Roanoke Va. We had today available so off we went!

Headed out to calm seas and no wind... Headed of to a local dump and had Quality seabass Flying over the rail... Nothing better than seeing the kids reeling nice keeper size seabass... some double header and size quality was Good... we boxed 47 keepers off the first piece and it would have been better with alittle anchoring conditions, but we just kept wiggling the boat to keep them busy with the action. Lil Robbie was the hot hand with the big bass and even had double header keepers!!!

Headed of too a couple more pieces one mostly shorts and one only had a handful of nice fish...

Went a few Miles to one of my fav pieces... No anchoring conditons so we just floated over... didnt matter anyway was loaded with life... The ling made a nice appearance here as well as some more seabass... John was the ling master!!!

By days end the Family of 4 Boxed 63 keeper seabass and 30 Ling for over 90 Tasty treats In the cooler!!! They even left a few behind for the fishmongers to have dinner, Thanks Guys

Pleasure have you guys aboard!!!

Nice to have such Great Local Action... this is going on 2 months of great Bottom fishing... Great family fishing to Bring the kids out and keep em busy all day!!! As well a good dinner!!!

Got few good dates available between our Fluke trips to do some bottom fishing... Give a buzz Lets Go fishing!!!




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