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Had David aka Fang of wolf and Friends Charter aboard today for a day of fluking... 5 man Crew Today...

Weather was beautiful but a bit breezy... Headed back to the ruff stuff where we caught some nice ones on thursday...

First Drift we Caught a few seabass and a short... Second Drift we found a nice patch and banged out 4 nice keepers... but when ya went back on the same line ya didnt get another Bite...

So we bounced around a bunch of different rock piles picking some nice fluke and seabass here and there...

The Guys worked hard bouncing bucktails as our drift was 1.2 with the wind... But they stuck with it and Put some nice fluke and bass in the Boat.

By days end David and friends Boxed 16 Keeper Fluke With a couple over 5lbs lbs and over 20 Tasty Seabass.

Water looked dirty today and we didnt have as many shorts... Back at it Tues.

Got Room Thur All Day Open Boat Fluke Trip

Give a Buzz Lets Go Fishing

Thanks Guys





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