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I hit the pier while the family did the cookout thing

Mullets, spots and flounders were caught all over the pier ...I hung out at the tip catching small blues .....An hour before dark the "smacks" showed up I did hit one just at 14" on a gold gotcha ...They seem to only hit the gold, white and chrome gotchas ....The gang w/ the king rigs didn't produce any kings and /or codes

A good time was had by all

1. Pier shot

2. another pier shot

3. bowed up w/ a snag alewive

4. chilling

5. spade caught on clam

6. his smack was still hot !!!!!!

7. got it this time

8. cooler shot

9. my smack

10. kid with there catch











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What a cluster ^&&^$#@# on the end!

Man that reminds me of why I stay away in the summer time!

Nice pic's and catch!

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