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Had our last scheduled Pm Striper trip today...Had Justin back on board and was hoping to repeat his Mon trip...along with ,Brian, Rob, and friends rounded out the crew...

Headed Out an soon as we broke the inlet we were ina down pour... Headed up north and the rain cleared... Loads Of Bunker Everywhere... Looked like they were getting sprayed and excited... We snagged some for the well. Try Live lining in the bunker for a while No takers...

Headed Out to deeper water, didnt read much stopped around some small reading and Ted had a runoff and landed our Only Bass of the day. Made 2 moire drifts and had no more bites...

Ran Up to the rocks try drifting livies and anchoring and chunking. Ng only blues destroying our Bunker...

Ran Back south and stopped on Bunker in Long Branch, elberon and Deal with no takers...

Slow day on the water ... We only wound up with 1 Striper and a couple Blues...ehhhh

Got around the inlet to a hundred boats and fireworks . Weaving through the fleet the guys got to see the Firework... Grand Finale when we entered the inlet...

Fluking in da Rough stuff tomorrow.

Happy 4th of July Everyone.


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