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After the delamination of my gel coat back in February my new boat should be arriving to BPS early this coming week. Other than some early trips for drum and offshore i haven't had much chance to fish this year. Ive got some friends i grew up with coming from out of town to fish this weekend and was wondering where the cobia bite was the best. I assume the regular haunts, grandview, york spit, bluefish rock......might be some good places to try. Is everyone still seeing them on top and site casting like i had heard a few weeks ago, or are they being caught on the bottom? Is live spot or cut bunker working best? Thanks in advance for any input.

I also am considering selling a 22ft aquasport w/150 evinrude. The trailer has seen better days but works. The hull is in good shape and very strong, and the motor ran great the last time i had it out. Which has been some time ago. The boat will run about 43mph and is very dry. I havent made up my mind yet, but with a newborn i dont have time for one boat muchless two. Let me know if you might be interested.

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CBBT has been the best from what I am hearing.

Mixed on the top spot casting and on the bottom by 9ft shoals!

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