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Rain, rain and more rain was the theme this week causing multiple cancelations. With a promising weather forecast Friday morning arrived with SW winds and no rain. Now this is Florida weather as it should be. The Skyway Bridge was holding bait just as it had prior to the heavy rains. One toss of the cast net was all that was needed to fill the live well with white baits. For those of you who do throw a cast net you can truly appreciate only throwing once. No chum, no mess and time to spare before picking up my clients.

Today’s 4 hour trip was focused on staying near the marina and keeping the rods bent. A quick run to a nearby grass flats has us on the trout in no time. Simple rig consisted of 3’ of 25 pound fluorocarbon leader and a 1/0 hook. Add a float and you are ready. 25 pound leader is heavy for Trout but we have Mackerel and Sharks in the area so safe to beef up. First fish in was a small 18” redfish then a flounder then a bluefish. The action was steady and everyone was happy! Finally trout appeared as did several Mackerel then Jacks. Yes we even took a 3 spine snook (catfish). At times it felt like an aquarium with so many species.

The Tampa Bay region consists of St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa and all have great fisheries. Many options this time of year Tarpon on the beaches and bridges, snook and redfish in the mangroves, spawning snook on the beaches and trout on the flats. While I am not an offshore expert reports before the rain were outstanding for American Red Snapper and Grouper. While at the dock today I couldn’t help but eye some great looking filets being cut.

Captain Steven



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