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Had Our First Open Boat Fluke Trip Today... Joe Jigamafish, Tony Triggs, Cool Hand Al, George W, Arty, and Don...

Headed Out in Foggy conditions.. First Two stops on some rubble were ng with no drift.

Went to the real sticky stuff and started to get some fish and drift... Then we found a few patches of Fluke... Nice Size keepers Mixed with keeper seabass as well as lots of shorts both Fluke and bass....

Al Rod bent witha good one boated it a nice 7 lber... Shortly followed another twin 7lber. Arty(pUpU pLATER) was the man on the seabass early and then with the Fluke.... Tony Dropped a couple of good ones while special rod Joe didnt get involved to late in the day but ended strong with the wig George had us laughing and Don Missed way to many back to bait

Played around bouncing bucktails in the rough stuff for the rest of the day...

Fish came in spurts and the guys worked hard to put together a catch...

By the end of the day the boys Boxed 19 KEEPER FLUKE and 24 KEEPER SEABASS. Good Times and Lots Of dock antics

Weather was great all day by us!!!

Thanks Again Guys!!!





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