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Took the CTS 8-12 out to Damneck today.

I enjoyed casting the prototype a few years ago. I just couldn't wait to get my own.

I got out there and just lobed it out to wet and adjust my line and the thing took off!

I actually couldn't wait to reel in so that I could really put some azz behind it. The rod handled 6, then 8&bait with ease.

I was surprised on how easy it is to load with out putting to much into it, even though I did .

Matched up with a saltist 30 it just felt like butta.

I highly advise to give one a try. I'm sure you'll find it will fit in just fine in your arsenal.

I have to say I'm very satisfied with its performance. The wait was worth every penny.

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Glad it fit, I knew it would!

Are u gonna try to get out at all this weekend???

Gimme a shout and let's see what we can do!

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