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Good friend and long time fishing partner John Maciejczyk came in town to spend a week at the beach with his family and perhaps get in some fishing. We have been trying to put together an offshore trip for what seems like the past five years but Mother Nature would simply not cooperate and kept us inshore. With the Tuna snappin’ and the forecast looking very do-able this year would be different John and I headed 65 nm off the coast of VA in search of Yellowfin.

The bite had slowed considerably but in the end we managed to cratch out two very heathy YFTs and three small gaffers. Water temp was 68.4 to 70.2 degrees, 50 fathoms to 110 fathoms 422 to 370 line both fish came inside at 55 fathoms one on a blue/white sea star with a medium large ballyhoo and the other crushed a green machine spreader bar right on the transom. A terrific day on the water. I’ve got limited pictures and video footage since there was only two of us onboard. Thanks John for coming down!!!




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