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Snook on Tampa Bay’s eastern shore were MIA Saturday morning. Actually what I have learned in this spot I worked often with good results is simple. The tide needs to be at least 2.5’ above low water or the snook have moved onto the flats. They typically don’t move far so think like a snook where are the alleys the snook use to get in and out of the back country and you will find them in deeper cooler water.

With Chris on board Saturday we decided to run to the beach as a storm brewing on the eastside. First stop nothing, second nothing. Third stops was the charm as Chris took several beautiful trout and we lost a big snook 35”+ after a 5 minute fight. With the wind pushing 15 knots we decided to move into some protected areas for some trout action. Sure enough the trout were holding in 5’ of water where they have been for months. The average trout here is 14” but what they lack in size they make up for in quantity. We did take several bigger than normal fat 20” trout. Nice surprise for that hole.

While on our way to another snook spot I asked Chris if he wanted to try a spot recommended by a Captain Little Jim Fesperman, and while I had not fished the area I was shown exactly where it was. 10 seconds into the first cast we got crushed, a short run into the pilings and it was game over! This happened several times so we geared up to 30 pound leader. Chris then got absolutely hammered the fish made a strong run to the right Chris bullied the fish out into the open only to have the fish now run left with a vengeance! The drag was tightened big time and it’s still screaming drag. Now the fish was under a large boat and it was quickly game over. We never saw the fish my guess it was a large 20-25 pound jack. We took several grouper from the hole including a keeper 22.5”.

As summer continues look for the action to be early and late in the day. Bait was scattered off the bridges Saturday, I suspect the churned up water from the day previous impacted that. Water temperature dropped 4 degrees from Friday’s rain storm.

Capt. Steven


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