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Had Craig Cracker Charter along with friends Kev and Melissa Chapman,Borrel, Papper and Lou For afternoon livelining

Headed out to flat seas and Bunker snaping while making bait seen a school get pushed and we got 1 nice bass...

Was heading up to the bite and ran over the Mother load spun around and we were hooked up right away... Fish Crashing the baits Right on top... We landed 4 More and had better han 10 bites.... The Bite slowed for us and we headed back to the south as they blew up there...

Got there and had great reading had a bunch more Bites and added 3 more to the Box...

When it slowed we ran towards home and seen some bunker getting pushed.... We got 3 more bites and boxed 2 More right outside our front door!!!

The Guys did a job all around especially during the few Moments of multiple hook up mayhem.

We Boxed a total of 10 fish and had better than 20 bites... Another Nice Striper Trip!!! Fish Ranged Up to 37 lbs.

As always the ladies do it as good as the guys... With Melissa Catching her Limit herself before some of the boys

Good times with great people!!!

Thanks again guys





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