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Had John Western and Tom (da plugin boyz), Eric the Mortgage Man, Bob Bates, and Ted aboard today For a pm striper trip.

Headed up the beach and before we had any bunker...We were lucky enough to see fish exploding just a few miles from home...

Broke out the plugs and they exploded on almost all of them!!! Had a triple hookup... Of the 3 fish on we Boated 2 including Ted best on a plug at 361/2 lbs... Eric had one miss the plug 4 or 5 times! John w Boated one quick to break da ice

As quick as they popped up they were gone... everyone i talked to wasnt doing anything... we played in bunker pods... put em the live well but no more takers... Freddy === Toy Hooked us up with some bait as well on out crossing Thanks man!

We looked shallow deep north south... and no bites.... Was dead for a while.

Made a run and when the magic Hour came they started chasing the bunker... Had a Bunch of Run off and Boated 3 for our next 7 Bites...Congrats to Bob Bates landing a 41lb (On da scale) beast on Light spinning tackle... New Personal Best!!!

Never was that steady but we got some More Bites and landed a couple more and We lost a bunch as well. John added another on a plug. He redeemed himself very well this trip No wig this week

We landed a total of 8 Fish all were released But 2. Fished ranged from 20lbs-41lbs with half our fish over 30...

Great group of guys...

Thanks again fellas!!!





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