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Disgusted with the weatherman and the way off forecast we lost Sun an Mon Morning. Both were fishable But if ya went by the forecast...ehhh

Thought we were gonna get Mon afternoon in as everyone i talked to way in fishable seas catching stripers... All the guys went to work after they heard the forecast...

Just needed to get out and we had to go down to the boat to replace a battery charger

So put together a fun Trip with Stelly Mike and Phil...

Didnt break the inlet to 605pm... Ran up teh beach didnt see any bunker... But got a call From Roger aka da Mayor... Lots of bunks and bass.... King was out catching as well.

Seen busted up small patches of bunker with fish all over them a mile short of everyone... Just us and a couple of other boats....

Had them splashin on top... couple of multiple hookups... Boxed up there 3 man limit quick. Even Myself and Wayne Got to catch a few (released). Everyone missed a couple too... Fished ranged from 21 to 38lbs

Was only out for 2 1/2 Hours including riding time and getting bunks... So very pleased with the action...

Great action Great fishing and weather was good... Mike thanks for the steak sandwiches!!!

Stress Reliever




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