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Fishing is still up and down but the water has cleared up pretty good and salt content is back to normal. The Trout are starting to show up in the usual summer time spots for me. All that rain a month ago really moves the Trout. They like the water salty that’s for sure.


I was into some decent Black Drum last week for several days. They were in the 14 to 20 inch range. When the Reds and Trout are slow a decent bite of Drum will always make for a nice trip.


Most of the nice Reds are still being caught on crabs but when you hit a school just right a Shrimp or Mud minnow on a jig head works just as well. The thing about a half of crab is it will almost every time be a big Red fish. The Rat reds just don’t mess with bait that large and if they do it takes them a while to get it in there mouth.


On a trip last week the first crab I put out was hit before I could get the next rod out. That quick a 6lb Red. I was sure it was on but that was it the only Red. Then we got into the Drum. We didn’t catch a lot of big ones but it was steady action for about 2 hours and the kid’s were happy. As long as my clients are happy I’m happy.




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