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fished the potomac sunday. the big cats are a little hard to find right now as are the bass . did manage to catch a few cats though biggest was a white cat about 12lb and a few while fishing for bass .

the snakeheads were biting though, lost 1 at the side of the boat , and got 1 in 24'' long .

for some odd reason the fws. thinks its a good idea to put tagged snakeheads into marylands waters to be able to get rid of them .

the tag reads'' remove tag report location kill fish''

this doesnt seem like a good way to eliminate these fish.

this was the 408th fish released into marylands water



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nice report and pics ....what did the snakehead hit on ?

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caught it on a spinner bait with tandem willow leaf blades.

spoke to the game warden at fort washington marina when i came in saturday . he told me piscataway creek is so full of them that they find them jumping out of the water onto the docks sometimes up to 1 a week.

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