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Fluke trip was off in the am but a bunch of guys wanted to put together a pm bass trip... John W, Al Cool Hand, Randy,Don Bruce and Stellios rounded out the Crew

Left around 2pm headed out right out the front door being harassed... Started liveling and had some run offs right away. Don started us off... We played around here and went 4 for 10 until the boat traffic got heavy and it all broke up...

Headed to some deeper water were the fish were we went 3- 8.

So for the day we boated 7 bass out of around 18 bites... Fish were a little finicky playing with the baits alot. Had one explode on johns Pencil Popper 3 times but didnt get the point!

All our fish were between 21-31lbs today. Randy with a new 30lb personal best!

Nice afternoon on the water!!!





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