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This was taken from another board. It really doesn't surprise me. I was told the closure south of the Bullpen was to promote Plovers to nest in the area. Truth?, I don't know, but it seems wierd that the NPS put up a closure where they want to stop the OSV use for good.

FYI, This information was given to me 10 minutes ago by BILL JUSTICE President of AMSA. He has spoken to the new Superintendent and Carl Zimmerman "SP?" this afternoon and this information is the latest factual account we have.

The partial closure that has been on AI around marker 24.3 km was for a plover nest. The chicks are in the process of hatching "now". If the chicks move to the west the partial closure / detour will stay in effect... If the chicks move to the east and stay on the surf line there will be a closure at that point. I stress WILL....

Bill asked Carl if there could be a passage to west if that should happen. The situation was taken in to account and the western area was looked at and found that to be at a safe distance the wetlands would be disturbed. So the answer was NO.

Bill has asked me to post this to give you accurate and up to the minute information. Bill is at the monthly AMSA meeting tonight and will not be around the Internet until early in the morning.

Bill will be chiming in on this forum ASAP with any new news... Please DO NOT SHOOT the messenger... At this point this is all i know, if you have questions please direct them to the NPS and or BILL JUSTICE ...

Remember that AMSA has a very good working relationship with the NPS and will continue to be up to date on the closure if it is to occur.

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The closure just below the BP didn't leave a lot of room to the east to get through to start with. If I remember correctly, it backs up to some dunes.

Another marked-off area further south is on the flats and well away from the water, no passage to the west there either.

Both spots are 400' wide (N-S).

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