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Jacksonville, Florida. WHAT A DAY!!! and I mean what a day. Let me tell you what I mean. Wednesday was like glass, Thursday was like glass. The forecast was the same for Fri but was it like glass? NOPE! It wasn't that bad though; we made 35 mph out to 48 miles and put our spread of ballyhoo and a bonito lure in the water. As soon as we start trolling I hear a loud bang, like somebody stomped their foot.

I thought the boat hit a turtle or something but we didn't see one so we didn't know what it was. The port engine started knocking a little but it was something I thought would work itself out. This is where "WHAT A DAY!! really started. I'll come back to this in a minute.

We had a lot of action and a lot of short strikes. The bonito lure goes off and I'm thinking wahoo. It turned out to be a 15lb kingfish. We ended up with 6 dolphin, 2 kings, 3 barracudas, 2 red porgies, a mystery fish, a couple amberjacks, and released a nice sailfish. At 3pm we started to head back in from 54 miles, the left engine sounded like rocks in a milk carton so it was shot.

We had to limp back in on one engine and the fastest speed we could make was 8mph. Let's see, 54 miles at 8mph works out to be about 7 hours (ouch). Well with the south winds picking up to about 15, the seas picked up with it and we were in the trough, so going straight wasn't possible. We got back to the dock at 10:30pm. Now you know why I say "WHAT A DAY!!!". Who's next??








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Looks like a blast! Thanks for the report.

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