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Had Chris Iroc along with Father in Law Sam the Birthday Boy, Bill , John and Tom and Capty Dutch...

Headed out and grabbed some bunker right outside the inlet... Tries a few spots with No luck... But when the magic time came it was on.

Fish Starting EXPLODING Every Where... Multiple Hookups Crashing Da bunkers and John and Tom caught em with Plugs as well!!! We missed a bunch during all the mayhem a s well

Lots of new personal Bests!!!

The Birthday Boy Landed a Beauty at 38 lbs... Bill Right Behing em 36lbs... and As always John and Tom released there fish and each had one over 30!!!

As Quick as they came they were gone but between the guys they landed a 6 man limit with 6 over 30 lbs... Keeping a few For the table

Chris had a little problem with the bass but is excellent with the bunker... Bills Monger status WAY UP...

Great Day On The Water!!!

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