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been solo a couple times in the last week or so and had a half day trip today. the flounder are still few and far between and on the small side. seeing some puppy drum which is good news.


I have seen a few of them on the flats the last 2 times I was out. it is really cool to see them. there has been some really good trout fishing in the sound but they seem to be starting to scatter.

I have seen lots of mullet, but the ones I am seeing and catching in my net are too big for live baiting on trout rods. they would make great drum baits in the fall though. when using gulps I am having a problem with the croakers and I think that's part of the reason for the slow flounder fishing. the croakers are tiny and are destroying my gulps before anything else has a chance at it. Ill snag one from time to time, I think we caught about 20 today. there is a lot of variety out there right now but just not many of them and not very big. that should change soon. even though some of the species are not very desirable for some people my client today caught 4 different species of fish.

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Cool shot, Matt. Thanks for the report. :icon_thumright:

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