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Had a Fluke trip Scheduled for today... canceled it because of the forecast turned out to be nice... Phone rang all morning bass bite from bayhead to ss...

Al and Don were still available the other guys decided to work since we werent fluking... Being such good customers i gave them a ring to see if they still wanted to go out and try for bass in the afternoon. Took mate Bruce along with me and wayne as well.

Headed South were da bite was so good in the am but we could Only land 1 fish outa 3 bites... Took the ride and headed to the northern bite...

Got 1 mile short of da fleet and the screen Lit up had them all to ourselves for 2 drifts hooking all 3 guys up... Although Bruce had a little problem hooking and landing his... Going 0-5 on the day ... back to gaffing and netting for him and Playing video games on his day off rather than fishing Got to wear da wig for that performance

We didn't have no real big... fish up to 28lbs for us...


Great afternoon with Great people!!!

Bottomfishing all weekend then back to da stripes all next week!!!

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