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Hit NOB this AM for a bit, but wind and current were doing opposite and could not keep my jig on bottom. Went to another spot and loaded up on some small spot, kept some live, other in cooler.

Woind layed down and back to the pier I went. Sparky and I both put a small spot on live, but no takers. Once current layed down the bite was pretty good. At first on Gulp pearl 4" swimming mullet, then switched over to cut spot/croaker strips and they loved it. Tagged and released 21 flounder today and had 3 recaptures which I recorded and released as well. Pretty sure the recaptures were mine, but need to verify.

Went in to log my tagged fish and found this one below was just entered as a recapture and was out for almost a year. Looks like the fish grew 1.75" in the 329 days he was out. I love getting tags back like this, it really is cool!:glasses1:

Game Fish Tagging Progam

Virginia Marine Resources Commission

Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences

Tag Number: 211187

Tagger: STEVE W.


Date Tagged: 2008-07-16

Species: 1219 - Flounder

Location: 1239 - Naval Base Fishing Pier

Fork Length: 0.00

Total Length: 14.50

Release Weight: 0.00

Bait Type: Artificial

Bait Other:

Fish Condition: Excellent

Hook: Removed

Double Tag No.:


Recapture Information

Date Release Location Length Fate Condition


TAG NO: 211187

2009-06-10 Hampton Roads Tunnel 16.25 in. RELEASED W/OUT TAG good

Remark: Hampton side of crossing

Species: Flounder Days Out(211187): 329

Thank You for Participating in Virginia's Game Fish Tagging Program

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Hit it again this morning til the thunderstorms and lightning ran me off. Tagged and released 10 fish today and had one recpature which wa logged and released as well.

Liked the White today again!

Hate the storms came cause they were eating away when I left. Lost about a half dozen on the way up!

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Bucket, Andy and I hit it again this afternoon for a bit, but a stiff 15+ NE blow made it tough going.

We all managed a few small flounder which we tagged and threw back, but overall, it was uneventful. Gave a few other spots a shit to no avail!

Good to see ya again Andy and sooner or later, we will have some decent winds to help clean out the water and we will be all over them again!

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good stuff steve, got your message but didn't get it till later in the day.

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Conditions no better tonight...2 flounder lost at the rail and caught one sea robin!

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