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the middle bay is being very productive in the calvert cliffs power plant area.

trolling umbrella rigs with 5" teasers trailed by small and medium buck tails .

green and white are both equally as effective . all fish being caught in 38-45'

of water.

find the bait and you'll find the fish as usual .

went out last weekend on company fishing trip .

there are still some rock in the trophy class range but very few. most fish were between 18"- 27" .

caught 1 fish 33" 15lbs(sorry can't get pic off phone onto computer yet).

the big problem though is the poaching of these charter boats as usual.

one of my last posts complaining of this named captain buddy ,out of tilghman island at harrisons country inn and sport fishing center .

last year i turned him and some charters in Chesapeake beach in to the dnr for poaching . need to do so again this year .

capt. buddy and the others at the Chesapeake house still continue to keep way over their limits , they get away with it by not taking their catch to the fish cleaning area by boat ,where the dnr is some times waiting ,but driving the fish there in a truck and lying about how many boats were involved.

for instance the boat i was on had 11 people and 32 fish were kept ( i left with only my 15 lber and fillets of 1 smaller fish by request.)

capt. buddy came in latter with only 8 people on the boat had 33 fish some just under 18 ".

i have complained to the dnr more than once already this year about this but they don't seem to be able to stop or even slow these poachers down in any way.


PLEASE HELP ME OUT HERE.:angry5::disgust::angry7:

when capt. buddy does get caught on rare occasions he never get more than a $250 .00 fine and nothing more!!

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