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Wasnt supposed to have an afternoon trip today... But since we had a nice bite yesterday a bunch of guys From the "Short List" wanted to Get out... Seemed like the perfect weather... Told the guys we had a bottom trip and would have to leave a little later...

With the great bite going off earlier and the phone ringing like crazy we were Chompin at the bit. After Filleting our morning catch we were off around 4:30 pm...Had John, Tom, Greg, Gene, and Stelly aboard.

Headed outside and were in tons of bunker filled up the well... Seen a few fish caught but we didn't have no bites... Headed up the line and found a acre of bunker with nobody on them.. John got a nice fish right away... Made another drift nutin... Didn't want to waste much time as the bite was now going off up north...

Ran up to belmar made a drift and Lost one... went to start up the motors and one Starter took a crap angrygif-1.jpg ... Now on one motor... show must go on...

Limping around at 7 knots we still managed to get on fish while wayne was busy swoping out the starter thumbsupgif-1.jpg...

We didn't get to see them exploding or busting. We caught most of our fish drifting on readings... We had a bunch of good shots at em.... 2-3 on and some misses... John had one explode on a plug but it came unbuttoned. Tom landed a beauty...

We went around 10 for 18 on the bass to around 35lbs... The guys put together a 5 man limit between them. John and Tom Released all there fish after a pic...




Wayne Got us back online for the ride in...

Thanks again guys for putting together the trip short Notice!!!

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Great job for the catch and release!

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